I know, I am the LAST one to make this post. Probably the only one who’s done this in a long time since the other ones have done it waaaay ahead of me. Like 15 years ahead of me, lol. I either carry everything I need with me or carry nothing at all except my phone, keys and cards. There are days when I feel like becoming an absolute low-maintenance bitch and not needing anything at all, and there are days when I’m otherwise.

Here’s a list of everything I have in my Pierce bag:

  • phone in a Doraemon case, my close friends and family know I love this blue Japanese feline robot!
  • my flat keys
  • my Oyster card
  • a pack of Extra mints (for someone extra and petty like me lol)
  • Avène Eau Thermale, for times when my skin needs some refreshing after a long day of pulling off an au naturel look.
  • eye drops – I only get these ones from eBay Japan and they totally make the whites around your eyes bright!
  • Shiseido sweat & oil blotter for when things get shiny on my face!
  • a pen, you know, for self-defense haha
  • Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm (works wonders!!)
  • my ever trusty Balenciaga card holder with my initials on it, given to me as a graduation present from a beloved friend of mine.
  • hand moisturiser from Chanel
  • Céline sunglasses, my favourite!
  • Loewe 001 perfume. Vanilla-based scents have become an absolute favourite of mine since owning my first bottle of Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace way back in high school, lol.

If I would have to switch bags with anyone for a day, it would have to be with the person who has all of Chanel’s novelty runway bags. From the perfume minaudière, to the Matryoshka clutch to the milk carton bag, you name it! Or also with Marjorie Harvey — talk about every exotic bag imaginable! She has the best collection of luxe exotic bags!!

What’s in your bag?

Ciao for now!


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