As much as multi-cultural, diverse and fun London is, as well as the endless things to do in here, the usual or not, living in London makes one develop a love-hate relationship with it because of the same routine that you keep on doing everyday that makes you no different than a robot. I love London. A lot. But it’s nice to get away from there once in a while to unwind and recollect yourself from the environment that London has. Well, maybe it was quite often for me last year because of the many places I’ve been to! I mean, I don’t know anyone who never gets tired of seeing the same ol’ buildings and places on a daily basis, not to mention the few sightings of lush greenery — or at least in Central London where I currently live in which my only idea of a place that offers such ambience is either Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park. And did I mention the massive lack of sunshine??? No wonder why I myself get a bit too excited even just when seeing a ray of it.

And so, I decided to visit Bath…not that there’s any huge difference when it comes to the sunshine. Bath is my second most favourite place in England (just right after my beloved London) and it’s also my second time to visit this heritage town, my first time was around 3 summers ago when there was sunshine and hot weather which instantly made me fall in love with the place because of the cosy, homey vibes it makes you feel. I told myself before that I will definitely be coming back to this place again, and so I did. And if I had to mention (or even live in) a place where I think simple living is the norm, I will choose Bath over anywhere else!

I chose to wear Prada AW16 for this trip, to those of you who don’t know, I love Prada. I’m totally living and raving for anything that has Prada on it, lol. It’s to the point where if I had to choose a fashion brand as a religion, I would certainly choose this one. This lewk is long overdue to be taken photos of since I only wore it once during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. I’m totally obsessed with their ‘Cahier bag‘ that resembles a book (hence the name), in fact, I got it when it first came out and when Prada was testing the waters about the see-now-buy-now model. I’m glad I bought it when it first came out since the ones that followed had the gold Prada plaque at the front, on top of the flap which I found a rather tacky design. My shirt is also something that I preordered and which was a brainchild of Prada and Christophe Chemin’s (genius!!!) collaboration for the season.

I just needed to get away from London even just for a day and didn’t think twice of going to Bath the moment I thought about it. Going here again despite the fewer things you can do (Roman Baths, Jane Austen museum, Parade Park, etc.) compared to the ones in London is the price that I paid for experiencing the relaxed atmosphere that London for me, right now, doesn’t have.

I love Bath and will always do.

Ciao for now! x

Bag, shirt, trousers all by Prada (get the bag here)

Loafers from Stubbs & Wootton


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