Before Adele, just right after Amy Winehouse, there was Duffy. Although she didn’t become as huge as the other two, her unique voice has made its mark in the music industry.

The song ‘Warwick Avenue’ first caught my attention while I was bored out of my ass at work, I couldn’t identify which artist sang it so I took note some of its lyrics for me to Google afterwards (it’s the “you think you’re loving but you don’t love me” bit that I took note of, btw). I thought this place wasn’t a real one after hearing it multiple times while listening to the song, until I looked it up on the Tube map app and found out that it’s a real one! And that’s it – I have to have a photo in the place which once inspired an artist to use it to title her song. The music video makes you even more sad while watching it instead of just listening to it coz the video’s continuous. No cuts at all. Being a softy, emotional wreck that I am, I genuinely cried towards the end of the video as I found it heartbreaking.

This is one of those songs which I had an LSS (last song syndrome) on and kept playing in my head for as many times as I can remember!! Sad, slow songs are the type of music I listen to when I’m alone. I mean, okay I get it, listening to breakup songs is sad in general, but what’s worse than listening to these songs after breaking-up with someone is listening to it without even someone to break-up with. Raise the flag for the Bridget Jones inside us and for the singletons of our generation!!! Lawl!

Today’s one of those days when I felt like dressing down, going back to my wardrobe staples namely: a breton stripe top, a chambray button-down shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans and a trench coat (and did I forgot to mention my fave Gucci fur-lined slippers?!). I know what y’all are thinking now…”What a basic bitch!” haha. Would’ve dressed the same way I would dress up when going to fashion week even if I usually go out of my place dressed like a preening peacock anyways but I feel like I needed a ‘detox’ and keep it simple… only for today!!

Watch the music video below (and try not to weep the same way I did, lol):

Ciao for now!

Chambray shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren
Breton stripe top by COS
Black skinny jeans by J. Brand
Trench coat by Coach
Fur-lined slippers by Gucci

Photos by Rena Leung
Shot at Warwick Avenue


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