Consider this as a Valentino-appreciation post.

Ping-ponging between Valentino and Prada (fine, AND Gucci – I love Italian-made clothes) to wear for fashion weeks and simply for casual wear is probably one of the good ping-pongings I could and would ever want. If I have to choose between fashion brands on which ones to wear for the rest of my life, I would choose Valentino and Prada. Prada for daywear and Valentino for evening engagements.

But there’s just something about Valentino that makes me feel different than any high-end brand out there. Maybe the way their clothes and everything else look? I mean, c’mon, with something so expensive from Valentino, say a fully embroidered silk-shantung kimono coat with a delft motif, looking like someone oozing with glamour and looking like a million bucks should at least justify the amount you paid for (even if we all know that not everything expensive will look expensive on everyone, lol).

It could also be how it made me in some chapters of my life. For example, I wore Valentino for my graduation and it never felt so good; even better when I sashayed on the stage to get the piece of paper that I spent almost a quarter of my life for, but it was all worth it in the end. I kinda looked at that graduation as if I got married coz I haven’t worn that outfit again, it was just hanging in my closet collecting dust! I might wear them again soon, though. They’re too pretty to not be worn.

The creative direction of the then-duo of the brand, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, has changed the brand for the better while still keeping the brand’s opulence and elusiveness that Valentino Garavani himself established intact. Until last year, when the professional split of the two surprised (or not) the industry, making MGC the first female creative director for Dior and leaving PP behind, whom I still think is doing a marvellous job!

Let me tell you about the time I met Pierpaolo, I decided to walk down Oxford St. that day after a bad day in uni. It was also a week before I went on my solo-Scandinavian trip! Mind you, I don’t like walking in that tourist-infested area with a lot of them with a molasses-paced walk and a lot of them turning around making you walk into them. I don’t know what came into my mind and made me decide to walk down that place I dread; I’m now just thinking of it as a blessing in disguise. Anyway, so while walking down there, I saw this man whom I found familiar, making me take another look at him until it made me realise that it’s really him! He was taking photos of the street’s Christmas decorations when I asked him if is he who I think he was. I briefly chatted with him, telling him how much I liked his SS17 collection and how much I LOOOVE the Rockstud Spike bag which I wasn’t wearing that day. I was dressed really sluggish and wasn’t shaven too (mind you, I was still walking like the diva I am despite looking shabby and lackluster haha). He was genuinely humble and thankful for the praises I gave him and he even asked me name. I wish asked his profesh info so I can work with him one day when the right time comes!!!! Fingers, arms and legs crossed!!!!!

Did I mention the store experience? It’s the only store where I don’t feel watched and don’t see sharks lurking around who are ready to bite when they see a seal. This store leaves me by myself, letting me feel and enjoy the clothes. The visual merchandising is also immaculate!! The lighting and the way the colours register on your sight is (can’t think of any words to describe this but) delicious! D-lish!!!

Nothing but love for Valentino.

Ciao for now!

Valentino Spring-Summer 2017 and Rosso Valentino collection.


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