Fashion month, well, LFW, has long been over for me. The cycle of going to one show location from another to queueing for a 10-15 minute rave to snacking or gulping caffeine for your system post-shows is over…for now…or for a least a good couple of months before doing the same process all over again. LFW is like a total whirlwind coz it leaves an absolute mess in my room making everything topsy-turvy everytime it wraps up!

I only went to a couple of shows/presentations this season and found it a bit challenging than usual to retrieve successful requests for tickets. In a way, I wanted it to be light because I’m preparing my for my looong holiday in the Philippines! I could really use some vitamin sea (and D!!!).

While my LFW schedule went light, I tried to keep the things I brought with me as minimal as possible so it won’t be a hassle when going from one location to another. There’s no doubt that my go-to, bring-it-everywhere-and-everyday bag was the Pierce bag (my new favourite). Thinking of getting a different colour to add to my collection! I was literally tugging it everywhere I went – couldn’t take it away from me.

As much as I don’t want to carry any bag, for I believe that not carrying any bag with you is more chic and that no-bag-is-the-new-bag mentality for fashion week is my new philosophy, you just can’t fit all of them in your hands and pockets hence the bag. Anyway, so what were the few essentials that kept me going smoothly from show-to-show?

Starting off with my iPhone. I don’t know how I’ll get through fashion week without it!

Earphones — they keep me sane!

Power bank is really handy when it comes to events like this. Everyone knows how harassed and abused their phones are.

A pen. You’ll never know where you’ll be needing it even if everything’s done digitally nowadays.

My Celine sunglasses. Versatile, incognito chic.

Heart-shaped coin purse, for when you have tons of £1 coins to splurge on caffeine to help you hustle.

Balenciaga card holder with my nickname engraved on it. (given to me by a great friend, Bee! x) For when your change runs out, lol. I’m not a cash or coin gal, I believe you can get everything with a swipe of a magic card!

Chanel Les Beiges foundation. Someday I would want to be like that rich woman who has very clear skin and unblemished complexion that I won’t bee needing makeup! And because every fashion person wants to speak to you when you look like you’ve never heard of the word ‘foundation’…not!

Caudalie beauty mist. This is bomb! Try it for yourself, it works wonders!

Nuxe lip balm. Life saviour!

A pack of gums.

Miu Miu parfum. Another favourite of moi! The scent of a chic Milanese socialite that goes frequently to Paris.

Oyster card — how else will I go around London? I can’t rely too much on my Prada sandals or my Chloe boots to take me everywhere all the time.

Ciao for now! ‘Til next fashion week/s! xx


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