My ballet career has finally taken off!! Lol, who am I kidding? The moment I saw the last runway collection of Valentino’s then-dynamic duo, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, made me realise that my dreams of becoming (or at least looking like one) a prima ballerina is within reach, or shall I say with just a swipe of my ‘magic card’? Cha-ching!

I’m gonna give myself half a credit for wearing head-to-toe runway looks: a quarter for losing the ‘sense of style’ as you wear them because of solely relying on the look itself and another quarter for being brave in wearing them. Do I look like someone who gives a fuck when I get stares because of what I’m wearing? No. People are gonna stare at you no matter what you’re wearing anyway so might as well just make it worth their damn time!! Lol! I like wearing runway looks on the streets (not hat I wear them all the time) whether it’s fashion week or not coz I dress the same anyway whether it’s fashion week or not.

I like the contrast between the combat boots, the tulle skirt and the cropped jumper. Each piece was quite unusual to wear altogether but still appeared chic overall. I told myself what any person who shops would tell themselves when I bought the cropped jumper: I don’t have a black cropped cashmere jumper and it’s cold. I’m sold! What I told myself when I bought the boots was simple: I have feet that fits in them…another reason for me to be sold! I’m easily convinced when shopping coz I tell myself the silliest, most obvious reasons for me to buy (or not to buy) a certain piece but I mostly end up buying!

Like every Valentino runway show I’ve watched (livestream-ed. But hopefully to get to watch it up close and personal in the future!!!), it always takes me a couple more replays to let the collection sink in to me. Then on one of the final replays I did, the monochromatic lewk from Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo’s last runway (AW2016), caught my attention coz of it’s gender blurring traits! I’m not one who believes that clothes shouldn’t be concealed in one gender category, I believe everyone should wear what they want whether it’s a guy who chooses to wear something eclectic from Miu Miu or some chick who decides to don a borrowed-from-the-boys look and as long as they’re comfortable in it! Think of Jayden Smith being in Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign! I actually got complemented by a posh, old but chic English woman at the bus stop telling me how she loved my outfit! Can. You. Imagine!!! Definitely was the highlight of my day before I fully turn into a real life version of Rebecca Bloomwood, lolz.

Ciao for now!

Everything by Valentino

Photos taken by Muffadal Abbas (@bymabbas)

Shot at Italian Gardens, Kensington Palace Gardens


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