IMG_0131IMG_0133IMG_0132IMG_0134So happy to be finally back to my beloved Philippines, I missed it so much. April Fool’s!!! Lol, who am I kidding? It’s already been a month and a day since I flew back to the motherland and I’m already dreading to go back to London or to just simply get anywhere but here. It’s a major snooze fest in here, there’s literally nothing to do except to eat and to go to malls (all are ew except Shang and Greenbelt) and you can’t get anywhere else unless you have a car/ know how to drive – it’s so different in here than it is in London, like a downgrade kind of different, a third world different. Ew.

Home is one of the words I wouldn’t describe this place as and something that I’d be ashamed to call as one if I didn’t have a choice (it’s as fucked up as a very worn out, fake Chanel 2.55 caviar bag!). I forgot how dreadfully hot and how crazy humid it is in here. I would literally give up all of my designer things just to get out of this forsaken, primitive, third world shithole! Nah, just kidding, I wouldn’t give them up, y’all are reading the writings of a hoarder who establishes a “sentimental value” to everything he buys that has a label lol.

Speaking of buying, shopping for designer things in this country is the worst, in my opinion. I called Prada and Gucci the other day to ask if they’ve already got their SS 2017 deliveries. And to my dismay, the SAs I’ve spoken with told me that they haven’t gotten anything from the runway shows yet and that they still have the pieces from the pre-fall 2016 which I saw when I last visited (they also sounded like they didn’t know what they were talking about, mind you). So disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I like designer stuff, both old and new but why would I spend my money on something that’s been rotting on their rails for quite some time

I also found the price difference between Net-A-Porter’s UK and it’s Asian websites to be ridiculously (and I mean ridicu-fucking-lously) high! This Prada top that I saw was £500 something in the UK website and was 1000 USD something on their Asian website. It went up to twice its price after the currency conversion! It’s a disaster! (see my tweet in here to which Net-A-Porter replied lolll) Now I understand why a lot of Asians go to London to buy designer things… and now’s the perfect time because of the Brexit!!! Ahhh, I miss shopping in London!

I have this new philosophy that I’d rather wear vintage, used or new designer clothes (and clothes in general) than buy fast fashion. To those of you who don’t know why, I recommend you to watch the documentary ‘The True Cost’ to enlighten you and to spread it to those who don’t know. I’m sure you’ve seen the pieces in this post before on my Instagram photos, I had ‘nothing to wear’ so I decided to throw them all on together. Wearing something repeatedly, whether shoes, clothes or just anything, is something that I’m not afraid to admit! I would wear them repeatedly and continuously until they start to fall off my body! Not because I want to justify the money I spent in buying those things but because I try to make a difference in wearing sustainable fashion and avoid wearing those pathetic excuse to be called “clothes”.

Two things:

A.) don’t shop in the Philippines. It’s a trap! Who buys designer stuff in here anyway???

B.) don’t wear Zara, wear Prada lol

Ciao for now! xx

Tweed jacket by No.21

Mesh tank top by Gucci

Jacquard slippers by Gucci

Sunglasses by Chanel


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