Shopping Isn’t My Only Cardio After All

As you may have known, I’ve been traveling frequently the past few months and loved every single moment of it… Until yesterday.

Have you ever left your hotel in a big city 2 hours before your flight while having to take an hour trip on the bus with 23 stops with a major traffic situation but still managed to make it to your flight? Probably not, but I just managed to do all of it in the very limited time I had. Talk about making the most out of every minute and making every moment worth it. Define Hong Kong Rush! I can’t believe I was so calm while I was on the bus, I mean it won’t help either if I chose to be hysterical and panicky so it’s a total grace-under-pressure moment for me! Though, the anxiety I was having was a lot like me mentally preparing myself for the worst i.e. having to buy a ticket to the next flight and that flight would not be until the next day, etc. I don’t know what to think of since I’ve never missed a flight MY ENTIRE LIFE.

So then I finally arrived at the airport with only an hour to make it to the gate. Thank god everything went my way in the airport (obviously apart from having to run to the gates lol). Everyone was moving so quickly and efficiently which bought me some more time. I thought I was already a stress-free bitch after passing through the final security check but it turned out that I have to take two express in-house trains to get to my gate. I can’t help but to fidget the whole time oh my god. At long last, I’ve finally arrived at the stop where my gate is with still enough time to get to it. Would you call me a part of the X-Men yet?

You better should, coz despite the time I have, with all the rush and anxiety I’ve had in these couple of hours. I still managed to buy some things!!!! Being in an airport won’t be complete without buying something in there! So yeah, I raided the skincare department and bought a couple of Chanel and Dior skincare. Once she handed me the bag-full of Chanels and Diors, my anxiety got wept away! I eventually went to my gate and boarded the plane.

Happy endings do exist!

I love you, Hong Kong!!!

Ciao xx


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