The Trouble With Love Is

I first came across this song when I first watched ‘Love Actually’. I think it was back when I was in 5th grade when I heard it. It caught my attention coz I’m a sucker for slow, mellow songs so I looked it up on YouTube and listened to every word on its lyrics. Little did I know, I will eventually be relating with this song when I get older… or in that same year lol!

In 5th grade when I had my first crush, puppy love, whatever you call it. Listening to this song made me crush on him even more, thinking about him during those breezy December nights. Mind you, I grew up in a sausage fest of an all-boys school so the tendencies of me becoming a full pledged geisha were very likely hahaha!

With ‘Love Actually’ being a rom-com holiday movie, I found this song appropriate to which I thought was confusing to what I’m feeling in comparison to what was shown in the characters’s storylines in the film. That weird feeling that I haven’t felt before. Appropriate in the sense of reading the lyrics literally but not how I would understand it because I know how it feels. No.

No, me and my 5th grade crush didn’t become together. I was fucking 11 years old back then for crying out loud! Pokémons and Barbies were my kind of problems before lol.

Fast forward to 14 years later, I eventually understood the feeling of this song after relentlessly chasing and trying to win over a few guys which ended up in rejection (fuck y’all)!. But then again, you can’t call it love if it doesn’t come from the two people in the relationship.

Now, I’m officially in my first relationship and I’m so happy I’m scared. Scared that I will be experiencing the lines in this song.. but my momma didn’t raise no quitter and will work on it with my other half (it’s an LDR, btw).

This song is so true.

What about you, what song about love strikes you through the heart?


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