J.W.Anderson x Uniqlo Look no. 4



J.W.Anderson x Uniqlo Haul!!


The long wait is finally over, oh my god!!! I’ve been looking forward to this collaboration ever since it was announced earlier this year and I’m so glad it’s finally dropped. Drop and cop as they say but I wasn’t able to cop all of the pieces like the tartan backpack and the rainbow-esque scarf as the key pieces I wanted to get and some other less major pieces that I didn’t get.

Woke up early this morning, or at least I think an early enough time to make it to the opening. I know not as many people would queue outside the stores as the people back in England or everywhere else do; hell, they even camp outside the night before the launch. And don’t deny it, Manila isn’t a fashion capital so you would assume that not many people know so much about what’s going in the industry.

So, I was confident that I’ll be getting the pieces that I wanted—lo and behold, I didn’t. I had to take the public transportation in here, and knowing that public transportation here in the Philippines is extremely medieval, I didn’t arrive on the dot. In fact, I was just 20 minutes late and the rails already looked like a typhoon lashed out on them. In the end, though, I got everything I wanted, more or less and shot those lewks on the same day (coming on my next blog posts!!!).

Oh, and the quality is very near to the real thing which the brand is also known for. I got a J.W.A. tunic (see one of my blog posts here) and you can feel the same “quality” with the clothes from this collaboration, of course, expect a little less coz this one’s not exactly exclusively and minimally produced like the namesake label. Can’t wait to wear them!!!

This year’s a good year for high street-designer collabs! One down, one more to go! Looking forward for the Erdem x H&M launch in November! Did you also buy anything from this collection? I wanna know about it!

Ciao for now! xx

Budding Bookworm


Never have I finished 3 books in less than a month! I think I’m getting good in reading— and that I’m turning into a voracious reader as Amy Dunne is, lol. I’m not usually like this before, I didn’t even finish the Harry Potter and the Gossip Girl books way back god knows when. But these books with Crazy-ass Rich Asians in it are just so different! Everytime I open the book and start from where I left on feels like I’m immersing myself again to the world of bajillionaires.

First I was cheating on fashion with furnitures and home wares; now I’m cheating on fashion with books. I can’t shop anything “fashown” in here and even if I can, not a single basic Zara or H&M wearing person would appreciate if I flaunt my Pradas and Valentinos at the streets! I mean I even wear my J.W.Anderson Pierce bag in here and nobody even pays attention to it. Whereas in London, everyone would appreciate it. Or maybe I’m just going to the wrong places? Haha, now I’ve turned into some Crazy (not Rich) Asian myself!!!

I’m happy with my life though, unlike in the book, I can choose any man to settle down with and not be arranged to someone from another filthy-rich family with a well-known surname who would be, say, the future heir of a palm oil business or whatever.

It’s crazy to imagine that (although the book is fiction) there are literally people in the world who are “richer than God” and wouldn’t have to work or move a single muscle in their life but would still financially last for another millennium! And the way they live their lives are galaxies away from how regular people like moi live. How I wish I can have shit-tons of money like they do in the book – well, I guess it’s just an illusion but hey a girl can dream!

Now, excuse me while I dream of wearing that Calvin Klein 205W39NYC feather concoction

Ciao for now! xx

Portraits of Moi

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Consider this as a fashion detox post. Every once in a while, one needs to reevaluate their fashion choices from the past and look forward to what may be a new season of clothes or a new aesthetic they want to project. As much as I love glamour and all that jazz, I would always need a break from it and go to a more laid back, sophisticated, understated and simple aesthetic à la Olsen twins. I love them so much!!

Not that I’m gonna throw my current clothes away, I’m just gonna let them collect some dust in my closet until I feel like wearing them again. Y’all are dealing with a hoarder here (lol)! Although, I might inject a little Calvin Klein 205W39NYC-esque (I love what Raf Simons is doing for the brand btw!!! Especially after love-streaming his SS18 show earlier today!!!) pieces in my wardrobe that I mainly would wanna look like a crossover of Céline and The Row.

I also like the idea of restarting in general, and having a retrospect of the outfits I had donned before and how I can make my style evolve. Of course, shopping aka my fave cardio will always have to be done!

I find posting this as a perfect timing — in fact, I feel like my fashion mind is in sync with the ‘fashion calendar’. Candy Pratts Price once said that “September is the January of fashion” and I think that itself calls for a change of wardrobe that I’ve been thinking of the whole week.

It’s acceptable as far as I’m concerned, after all, a new season is underway!

Ciao for now! xx

My New Essentials


I would never leave my house without wearing any of these ones. I have developed a liking to laid back, understated, luxe things that only those with knowledge would know or recognise. Like my trusty Céline bracelet I’ve had for quite some time now – it literally goes with everything and adds a subtle elegance to any lewk I don. Same goes with this pair of sunglasses from The Row; in a world full of Dior ‘So Real’s and Chloé ‘Carlina’s, I’d like to have something that only a few people have (like everyone else, ironically)!

My skin is not perfect, I still have blemishes here and there but there are now days when my skin would cooperate with me that I’d only need a sunscreen and this concealer from Chanel that blends so well with my skin! As you all know, I love vanilla-based scents; I fell in love with this perfume from Serge Lutens the moment I tried it last year and has always been on top of my perfume rotation ever since I got it last month.

Now I have to make the same decisions in rebuilding a more laid-back, simple but luxe wardrobe like the Olsens! (and lose a 20lbs). This is by far the post that says I don’t need high maintenance at all, do y’all agree?

Ciao for now! xx

Walking the Dog


I’m a dog lover. Always have, always will. I also like anything chic and glamorous; this jumper has all of that elements. I think this is by far my least basic designer jumper and my first purchase (and mind you, my first Loewe item!) ever since I got back here in London.

The moment I saw this jumper while browsing through some potential purchases online, I thought I shouldn’t go back to the Philippines without getting this one – so I did. And hey, I thought of all the excuses à la Rebecca Bloomwood, “I don’t have an oversized jumper (let alone one with a dog wearing a beret), I have a torso, arms and hands, London is still slightly chilly in the summer.” et voila! I got my jumper which I like to define as a ‘dog style’ *wink*

Of course, I won’t be able to wear it in a hell of a hot and humid country such as the Philippines but surely I’ll be able to wear it when Lady Luck goes on my side and helps me find a job (or a husband!!!) somewhere in the west! Where else should one shoot their outfits but in their neighbourhood? It just so happened that my neighbourhood has brick-coloured houses which went well with my a little-above-basic lewk. It’s Loewe.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world after all.

Ciao for now! xx

Jumper by Loewe, jeans by J. Brand, loafers from Stubbs & Wootton

As Above, So Below


Finally back in my home away from home and in the city that I love with all my heart and who shaped me for who I am right now… London!!! But only for a month. It’s alright though, at least I get to see my beloved place after all of the terror attacks that happened the past few months.

Also, I need this type of vacation away from the motherland. I got so stressed there coz of the chaotic bullshit things that’s happening in there.. think about Uber’s operations being cancelled. I know right? It’s cray!! And in there you can’t go anywhere else without a car and if you can’t drive and public transportation there is the least efficient of all the places I’ve been to!!

Moving on, I missed the European and British men!!! Yasss!!! What more can I say? Lol! I mean after I broke up with my first boyfriend and after having a proper closure face-to-face, I signed up on Tinder again! Makes me feel like I still got it after feeling terribly ugly after the break-up. However, I’m not looking for a fuck, my goal is to find that one dick I’m gonna be spending the rest of my life with! Hahaha!

The first place I went to was my place of tranquility, Kensington Gardens. I feel at ease and relaxed everytime I go there, whether winter, autumn, summer or spring. It’s also very nice seeing sweaty, half-naked Adonis-es with abs running around. Talk about an open-air version of the red light district lol.

I’m gonna be busy catching up with friends! Hopefully go on a date too!! Cross your fingers and toes for me bitches!

ciao for now! xx

Linen tunic by J.W.Anderson