Shopping Isn’t My Only Cardio After All

As you may have known, I’ve been traveling frequently the past few months and loved every single moment of it… Until yesterday.

Have you ever left your hotel in a big city 2 hours before your flight while having to take an hour trip on the bus with 23 stops with a major traffic situation but still managed to make it to your flight? Probably not, but I just managed to do all of it in the very limited time I had. Talk about making the most out of every minute and making every moment worth it. Define Hong Kong Rush! I can’t believe I was so calm while I was on the bus, I mean it won’t help either if I chose to be hysterical and panicky so it’s a total grace-under-pressure moment for me! Though, the anxiety I was having was a lot like me mentally preparing myself for the worst i.e. having to buy a ticket to the next flight and that flight would not be until the next day, etc. I don’t know what to think of since I’ve never missed a flight MY ENTIRE LIFE.

So then I finally arrived at the airport with only an hour to make it to the gate. Thank god everything went my way in the airport (obviously apart from having to run to the gates lol). Everyone was moving so quickly and efficiently which bought me some more time. I thought I was already a stress-free bitch after passing through the final security check but it turned out that I have to take two express in-house trains to get to my gate. I can’t help but to fidget the whole time oh my god. At long last, I’ve finally arrived at the stop where my gate is with still enough time to get to it. Would you call me a part of the X-Men yet?

You better should, coz despite the time I have, with all the rush and anxiety I’ve had in these couple of hours. I still managed to buy some things!!!! Being in an airport won’t be complete without buying something in there! So yeah, I raided the skincare department and bought a couple of Chanel and Dior skincare. Once she handed me the bag-full of Chanels and Diors, my anxiety got wept away! I eventually went to my gate and boarded the plane.

Happy endings do exist!

I love you, Hong Kong!!!

Ciao xx

Buon compleanno, Miuccia Prada!!!

So happy to be finally back again! I’ve been busy traveling for almost the whole of April and barely stayed in Manila at all. I’m still busy sorting things out for the next couple of months and hoping it all goes well! I promise to put some more content and to make more time for it. Heck, I would even use my iPhone to post something here.

Anyway, it occurred to me that it was Miuccia Prada’s birthday yesterday. Obviously, I found out about it late, a day later only that is, but still, I thought I would still dedicate a blog post for one of my absolute favourite figures and (fashion) saints before it’s all too late! You all will never know when the apocalypse will begin so greet everyone around you before judgement day!!!

Never have I thought that I would be wearing Prada in my entire life! It just feels so good to see something that you’ve just seen on a fashion show and eventually be able to wear it when it hits the racks come the new season! I guess I can tell that it changed my life for the better and changed my bank account’s life for the worse LOL.

Here’s a little retrospect of all of my Prada outfits since my fashion awakening! Happy birthday again, St. Miuccia Prada!!!


Here’s to more Prada outfits!!!

Missed you all. XX

P.S. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts on my recent trips to Guam and Japan!


IMG_0131IMG_0133IMG_0132IMG_0134So happy to be finally back to my beloved Philippines, I missed it so much. April Fool’s!!! Lol, who am I kidding? It’s already been a month and a day since I flew back to the motherland and I’m already dreading to go back to London or to just simply get anywhere but here. It’s a major snooze fest in here, there’s literally nothing to do except to eat and to go to malls (all are ew except Shang and Greenbelt) and you can’t get anywhere else unless you have a car/ know how to drive – it’s so different in here than it is in London, like a downgrade kind of different, a third world different. Ew.

Home is one of the words I wouldn’t describe this place as and something that I’d be ashamed to call as one if I didn’t have a choice (it’s as fucked up as a very worn out, fake Chanel 2.55 caviar bag!). I forgot how dreadfully hot and how crazy humid it is in here. I would literally give up all of my designer things just to get out of this forsaken, primitive, third world shithole! Nah, just kidding, I wouldn’t give them up, y’all are reading the writings of a hoarder who establishes a “sentimental value” to everything he buys that has a label lol.

Speaking of buying, shopping for designer things in this country is the worst, in my opinion. I called Prada and Gucci the other day to ask if they’ve already got their SS 2017 deliveries. And to my dismay, the SAs I’ve spoken with told me that they haven’t gotten anything from the runway shows yet and that they still have the pieces from the pre-fall 2016 which I saw when I last visited (they also sounded like they didn’t know what they were talking about, mind you). So disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I like designer stuff, both old and new but why would I spend my money on something that’s been rotting on their rails for quite some time

I also found the price difference between Net-A-Porter’s UK and it’s Asian websites to be ridiculously (and I mean ridicu-fucking-lously) high! This Prada top that I saw was £500 something in the UK website and was 1000 USD something on their Asian website. It went up to twice its price after the currency conversion! It’s a disaster! (see my tweet in here to which Net-A-Porter replied lolll) Now I understand why a lot of Asians go to London to buy designer things… and now’s the perfect time because of the Brexit!!! Ahhh, I miss shopping in London!

I have this new philosophy that I’d rather wear vintage, used or new designer clothes (and clothes in general) than buy fast fashion. To those of you who don’t know why, I recommend you to watch the documentary ‘The True Cost’ to enlighten you and to spread it to those who don’t know. I’m sure you’ve seen the pieces in this post before on my Instagram photos, I had ‘nothing to wear’ so I decided to throw them all on together. Wearing something repeatedly, whether shoes, clothes or just anything, is something that I’m not afraid to admit! I would wear them repeatedly and continuously until they start to fall off my body! Not because I want to justify the money I spent in buying those things but because I try to make a difference in wearing sustainable fashion and avoid wearing those pathetic excuse to be called “clothes”.

Two things:

A.) don’t shop in the Philippines. It’s a trap! Who buys designer stuff in here anyway???

B.) don’t wear Zara, wear Prada lol

Ciao for now! xx

Tweed jacket by No.21

Mesh tank top by Gucci

Jacquard slippers by Gucci

Sunglasses by Chanel



My ballet career has finally taken off!! Lol, who am I kidding? The moment I saw the last runway collection of Valentino’s then-dynamic duo, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, made me realise that my dreams of becoming (or at least looking like one) a prima ballerina is within reach, or shall I say with just a swipe of my ‘magic card’? Cha-ching!

I’m gonna give myself half a credit for wearing head-to-toe runway looks: a quarter for losing the ‘sense of style’ as you wear them because of solely relying on the look itself and another quarter for being brave in wearing them. Do I look like someone who gives a fuck when I get stares because of what I’m wearing? No. People are gonna stare at you no matter what you’re wearing anyway so might as well just make it worth their damn time!! Lol! I like wearing runway looks on the streets (not hat I wear them all the time) whether it’s fashion week or not coz I dress the same anyway whether it’s fashion week or not.

I like the contrast between the combat boots, the tulle skirt and the cropped jumper. Each piece was quite unusual to wear altogether but still appeared chic overall. I told myself what any person who shops would tell themselves when I bought the cropped jumper: I don’t have a black cropped cashmere jumper and it’s cold. I’m sold! What I told myself when I bought the boots was simple: I have feet that fits in them…another reason for me to be sold! I’m easily convinced when shopping coz I tell myself the silliest, most obvious reasons for me to buy (or not to buy) a certain piece but I mostly end up buying!

Like every Valentino runway show I’ve watched (livestream-ed. But hopefully to get to watch it up close and personal in the future!!!), it always takes me a couple more replays to let the collection sink in to me. Then on one of the final replays I did, the monochromatic lewk from Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo’s last runway (AW2016), caught my attention coz of it’s gender blurring traits! I’m not one who believes that clothes shouldn’t be concealed in one gender category, I believe everyone should wear what they want whether it’s a guy who chooses to wear something eclectic from Miu Miu or some chick who decides to don a borrowed-from-the-boys look and as long as they’re comfortable in it! Think of Jayden Smith being in Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign! I actually got complemented by a posh, old but chic English woman at the bus stop telling me how she loved my outfit! Can. You. Imagine!!! Definitely was the highlight of my day before I fully turn into a real life version of Rebecca Bloomwood, lolz.

Ciao for now!

Everything by Valentino

Photos taken by Muffadal Abbas (@bymabbas)

Shot at Italian Gardens, Kensington Palace Gardens



Fashion month, well, LFW, has long been over for me. The cycle of going to one show location from another to queueing for a 10-15 minute rave to snacking or gulping caffeine for your system post-shows is over…for now…or for a least a good couple of months before doing the same process all over again. LFW is like a total whirlwind coz it leaves an absolute mess in my room making everything topsy-turvy everytime it wraps up!

I only went to a couple of shows/presentations this season and found it a bit challenging than usual to retrieve successful requests for tickets. In a way, I wanted it to be light because I’m preparing my for my looong holiday in the Philippines! I could really use some vitamin sea (and D!!!).

While my LFW schedule went light, I tried to keep the things I brought with me as minimal as possible so it won’t be a hassle when going from one location to another. There’s no doubt that my go-to, bring-it-everywhere-and-everyday bag was the Pierce bag (my new favourite). Thinking of getting a different colour to add to my collection! I was literally tugging it everywhere I went – couldn’t take it away from me.

As much as I don’t want to carry any bag, for I believe that not carrying any bag with you is more chic and that no-bag-is-the-new-bag mentality for fashion week is my new philosophy, you just can’t fit all of them in your hands and pockets hence the bag. Anyway, so what were the few essentials that kept me going smoothly from show-to-show?

Starting off with my iPhone. I don’t know how I’ll get through fashion week without it!

Earphones — they keep me sane!

Power bank is really handy when it comes to events like this. Everyone knows how harassed and abused their phones are.

A pen. You’ll never know where you’ll be needing it even if everything’s done digitally nowadays.

My Celine sunglasses. Versatile, incognito chic.

Heart-shaped coin purse, for when you have tons of £1 coins to splurge on caffeine to help you hustle.

Balenciaga card holder with my nickname engraved on it. (given to me by a great friend, Bee! x) For when your change runs out, lol. I’m not a cash or coin gal, I believe you can get everything with a swipe of a magic card!

Chanel Les Beiges foundation. Someday I would want to be like that rich woman who has very clear skin and unblemished complexion that I won’t bee needing makeup! And because every fashion person wants to speak to you when you look like you’ve never heard of the word ‘foundation’…not!

Caudalie beauty mist. This is bomb! Try it for yourself, it works wonders!

Nuxe lip balm. Life saviour!

A pack of gums.

Miu Miu parfum. Another favourite of moi! The scent of a chic Milanese socialite that goes frequently to Paris.

Oyster card — how else will I go around London? I can’t rely too much on my Prada sandals or my Chloe boots to take me everywhere all the time.

Ciao for now! ‘Til next fashion week/s! xx



Consider this as a Valentino-appreciation post.

Ping-ponging between Valentino and Prada (fine, AND Gucci – I love Italian-made clothes) to wear for fashion weeks and simply for casual wear is probably one of the good ping-pongings I could and would ever want. If I have to choose between fashion brands on which ones to wear for the rest of my life, I would choose Valentino and Prada. Prada for daywear and Valentino for evening engagements.

But there’s just something about Valentino that makes me feel different than any high-end brand out there. Maybe the way their clothes and everything else look? I mean, c’mon, with something so expensive from Valentino, say a fully embroidered silk-shantung kimono coat with a delft motif, looking like someone oozing with glamour and looking like a million bucks should at least justify the amount you paid for (even if we all know that not everything expensive will look expensive on everyone, lol).

It could also be how it made me in some chapters of my life. For example, I wore Valentino for my graduation and it never felt so good; even better when I sashayed on the stage to get the piece of paper that I spent almost a quarter of my life for, but it was all worth it in the end. I kinda looked at that graduation as if I got married coz I haven’t worn that outfit again, it was just hanging in my closet collecting dust! I might wear them again soon, though. They’re too pretty to not be worn.

The creative direction of the then-duo of the brand, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, has changed the brand for the better while still keeping the brand’s opulence and elusiveness that Valentino Garavani himself established intact. Until last year, when the professional split of the two surprised (or not) the industry, making MGC the first female creative director for Dior and leaving PP behind, whom I still think is doing a marvellous job!

Let me tell you about the time I met Pierpaolo, I decided to walk down Oxford St. that day after a bad day in uni. It was also a week before I went on my solo-Scandinavian trip! Mind you, I don’t like walking in that tourist-infested area with a lot of them with a molasses-paced walk and a lot of them turning around making you walk into them. I don’t know what came into my mind and made me decide to walk down that place I dread; I’m now just thinking of it as a blessing in disguise. Anyway, so while walking down there, I saw this man whom I found familiar, making me take another look at him until it made me realise that it’s really him! He was taking photos of the street’s Christmas decorations when I asked him if is he who I think he was. I briefly chatted with him, telling him how much I liked his SS17 collection and how much I LOOOVE the Rockstud Spike bag which I wasn’t wearing that day. I was dressed really sluggish and wasn’t shaven too (mind you, I was still walking like the diva I am despite looking shabby and lackluster haha). He was genuinely humble and thankful for the praises I gave him and he even asked me name. I wish asked his profesh info so I can work with him one day when the right time comes!!!! Fingers, arms and legs crossed!!!!!

Did I mention the store experience? It’s the only store where I don’t feel watched and don’t see sharks lurking around who are ready to bite when they see a seal. This store leaves me by myself, letting me feel and enjoy the clothes. The visual merchandising is also immaculate!! The lighting and the way the colours register on your sight is (can’t think of any words to describe this but) delicious! D-lish!!!

Nothing but love for Valentino.

Ciao for now!

Valentino Spring-Summer 2017 and Rosso Valentino collection.




Edinburgh, Scotland — Edinburgh has always been one of the many places that I wanted to visit and I couldn’t be more than happy that I have finally visited this place and have ticked it off my list. The reason why I jutted it on my travel list is because of the way I felt after seeing it in the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’, not to mention that the storyline set in that place was a love story of a gay couple (which ended tragically, by the way).

I haven’t been to that many places in the UK, to be honest with you. I only went outside London a couple of times coz I love it so much in there. I mean, London is full of people with different shapes and sizes coming from different walks of life and there’s no other place in the world where I’ve felt more unique as a person than in London. I’ve only been to Bath and Edinburgh which I both absolutely loved! Though, I would’ve loved to travel some more.. I solely do believe that travelling is good for your soul. UK would’ve been perfect if the cold, grey, S.A.D-inducing weather wasn’t such a giveaway. To be fair, I quite naturally adapted with locals in terms of feeling that little shot of excitement whenever the sun appears (or whenever there’s sun in general)! The type of sunshine that’s hot enough for me to be able to ‘tan’ and get some ‘vitamin D’, iykwim, at Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park.

My impression of Edinburgh is that it looks like it’s a bigger version of Bath. The only thing that separates them, in my opinion, are their own gems: Bath’s Roman Baths and Edinburgh’s Scott Monument – mind you, I got obsessed with their uber delish deep fried Mars bars in Edinburgh!!! I can’t get enough of them!!! I only stayed in Edinburgh for a day and a half…same duration when I visited Stockholm (another love of mine!). The weather, however, is no different than in London except the wind is colder! I love the cold weather, don’t get me wrong. Being raised in a tropical country made me crave for colder climates so I can layer clothes and look chic but sometimes the cold can get a bit much.

Tweed is my absolute favourite…the rest can go scratch their backs!! I could wear tweed repeatedly without getting tired and love the way it elevates my mood even if I wear it with essential pieces (don’t wanna say basic..I’m allergic to basic lollz). I decided to wear this Carolina Herrera waistcoat and culottes on my last day in Edinburgh. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as cold as the day we arrived so I seized the day! But I still decided to wear my very old puffer jacket for some precautions and wear it à la Balenciaga…letting it expose a little of my shoulders.

Everyone knows that Chanel is the main purveyor of making the chicest tweed everythings and hopefully, one day, I’ll invest in a proper one. But for now, I’ll stick with this gilet that at least gives tweed the right amount justice. Also, it’s not like Carolina Herrera is bad after all.

Ciao for now! X

Tweed waistcoat and culottes by CH Carolina Herrera

Shot at Edinburgh, Scotland



It’s a given that Burberry is one of the most anticipated (if not, the most) shows every season during London Fashion Week, making it a definite highlight of the trade event in the fashion capital.

Making its comeback for the second time, the Makers House practically serves as a ‘re-see’ of the AW2017 collection that was just shown for the public to have a closer look at the clothes. It also showcases the work of the iconic artist, Richard Moore, whose sculptures are placed around the venue and which reflects the structural pieces from the collection such as the knits and some pieces which have a slight abstract form that would make you take a second glance to understand what the look is about, say, the off-shoulder knits paired with crisp white shirts with longer-than-usual-but-still-stylish sleeves. I’ve also been in here last time when they first introduced this idea. Except last time, SS2017, was a different concept and inspiration which was Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando”. The pieces were more about silky and airy looks with vibrant prints and colours with similar silhouettes from this season while the dominant silhouettes this season are more structured and monolithic all throughout.

Burberry is one of the pioneers to follow the see-now-buy-now model. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer when it comes to discussing this hot topic happening in the fashion industry as it is debatable when you look at it from different perspectives. Looking from my point of view as a consumer, if I see something that I want – and I mean something that I badly want that I couldn’t live another day without having it, I would buy it then and there, no questions asked; and the money that I would use to buy that particular item I was eyeing on would mean a contribution to the return-on-investment for the business so it’s kinda like a win-win situation on both sides. But still, some individuals disagree with it because it ‘disrupts’ the flow of the fashion industry and is an unorthodox business model. It’s like being treated as a spoiled child; being given everything that you want in an instant and not ‘working hard’ instead to get it. I know right, whatever happened to the waiting for a couple more months to see the new season’s collections on racks and shelves?

But hey, at the end of the day, business is business and to make one stand out, one must always be different. That’s what I liked about Christopher Bailey’s business mindedness; the other day I was thinking, what if I had to choose a fashion husband…who would it be? Initially I was thinking of, Jonathan Anderson of J.W.Anderson and Loewe’s creative director because how much creative juice can you squeeze out of your brain for 2 established brands??? It requires a lot of inspiration but not to the point where you get inspiration from everything. That spells d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n. But then I thought of Christopher Bailey…as the CEO and chief creative director of an established heritage brand that many Brits are proud of, how can you juggle the creative and business ideas? Of course, organisation is a cliché thing given with that kind of responsibility. It reminded me of the days when I was studying game design wherein I have to think of maths, programming languages, numbers and the like, together with artistic concepts, user experiences, how it would appeal to a target audience, gameplay, etc. – it was so difficult!! I LOVE both JWA and Christopher Bailey but I’ll have to give it to the latter.

While going through the collection, I noticed not one but two familiar faces. Two of the people I see often when I watch fashion shows and reviews; then I figured out that it was THE Christopher Bailey being interviewed by Tim Blanks. I told myself I have to have a photo with people who I rarely see! *fingers crossed to hoping to see them more often one day when my dreams of becoming a FRow regular is fulfilled lol*


The show was strong and striking with all of the looks that were presented; there was also a shoe that seemed like a straight homage to the collection’s inspiration due to the sculptural heel it has. Romantic silhouettes shown through laces and ruffles are a Burberry signature and it doesn’t lose the poetic feel of the whole collection with the whole Victorian vibes it exhumes. The finale was phenomenal, probably the best out of all the finales I’ve seen this season. Think of a typical Dolce & Gabbana finale with models sent out in uniform high octane sequinned pieces (though, Dolce’s is always expected), but grander, with capes as their uniforms, and definitely screams British. A battalion of caped crusaders unexpectedly were sent down to grace everyone with what was covering their initial looks they were wearing moments before. Each cape was just as breathtaking as the next, having a wide variation of silhouettes. I liked wearing capes when I first moved to London, at some point I stopped, but now that Burberry introduced it back, my capes and ponchos will be overjoyed for I will be wearing them on the last days of winter. I honestly cannot think of any more superlative word for how excellent this show was, I’m not even lying. The intricately crafted capes were made from different materials such as pearls, feathers, crystals and a lot more, which all had several things written all over them: opulence, regality, magnificence, luxury, royalty, Burberry.

Watch the Burberry February Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show below:

Photos taken at Burberry Makers House, 21 February 2017

Ciao for now!





Thought I’d share with you guys some photos of moi from last month’s London Fashion Week Men’s AW2017. It’s also my first time to do LFWM since I always go to LFW but it’s also just as fun! It still feels unreal seeing images of me online, or the time when the photographer told me she was working for Getty Images after taking photos of me while I casually pretend that I wasn’t aware of her existence lol.

Anyway, tomorrow marks the first day of London Fashion Week AW2017! Not really going to any shows or to something major unlike some of my fashion friends. For some reason I found it harder to get tickets this time. Ugh!!!! Knock knock knocking on fashion PR companies!!!!!!!

Ciao for now!

Cardigan by Thom Browne
Shirt and trousers by Carolina Herrera
Bag by Prada
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban
Loafers by Stubbs & Wootton

Photos from Getty Images



Before Adele, just right after Amy Winehouse, there was Duffy. Although she didn’t become as huge as the other two, her unique voice has made its mark in the music industry.

The song ‘Warwick Avenue’ first caught my attention while I was bored out of my ass at work, I couldn’t identify which artist sang it so I took note some of its lyrics for me to Google afterwards (it’s the “you think you’re loving but you don’t love me” bit that I took note of, btw). I thought this place wasn’t a real one after hearing it multiple times while listening to the song, until I looked it up on the Tube map app and found out that it’s a real one! And that’s it – I have to have a photo in the place which once inspired an artist to use it to title her song. The music video makes you even more sad while watching it instead of just listening to it coz the video’s continuous. No cuts at all. Being a softy, emotional wreck that I am, I genuinely cried towards the end of the video as I found it heartbreaking.

This is one of those songs which I had an LSS (last song syndrome) on and kept playing in my head for as many times as I can remember!! Sad, slow songs are the type of music I listen to when I’m alone. I mean, okay I get it, listening to breakup songs is sad in general, but what’s worse than listening to these songs after breaking-up with someone is listening to it without even someone to break-up with. Raise the flag for the Bridget Jones inside us and for the singletons of our generation!!! Lawl!

Today’s one of those days when I felt like dressing down, going back to my wardrobe staples namely: a breton stripe top, a chambray button-down shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans and a trench coat (and did I forgot to mention my fave Gucci fur-lined slippers?!). I know what y’all are thinking now…”What a basic bitch!” haha. Would’ve dressed the same way I would dress up when going to fashion week even if I usually go out of my place dressed like a preening peacock anyways but I feel like I needed a ‘detox’ and keep it simple… only for today!!

Watch the music video below (and try not to weep the same way I did, lol):

Ciao for now!

Chambray shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren
Breton stripe top by COS
Black skinny jeans by J. Brand
Trench coat by Coach
Fur-lined slippers by Gucci

Photos by Rena Leung
Shot at Warwick Avenue