A Céline Tribute


So sad to be hearing the news of Phoebe Philo’s exit from Céline! I owe some to her. Her designs and aesthetics were my inspiration when I dress up or when I dream about my future home (after going into her store at Mount St. in London).

I had that phase where I had to go to the high street—coz I couldn’t afford it (and still can’t lol) and combine simple yet sharp pieces that would reflect the “Philophile” inside moi. Then I went to the more-is-more phase again, going for loud prints and colours, then fell back to the clean, nonchalant elegance that a Céline inspired lewk evokes. I got my first ever pair of Stan Smiths after seeing Mother Philo sporting one in one of her finale bows. My first ever luxury bag was a Céline Phantom Luggage Mock Croc in Navy Blue, and it’s the only one I have so far. Then followed the shoes. Then my very trusty pair of sunglasses that I think suits me perfectly. And don’t get me started on the knot bracelet!

I gotta say that my fave Céline show, the one that got me drawn into Phoebe’s world was her AW2013 show. I was just amazed by each look more and more starting from those light, powdery colours transitioning into dark but still just as elusive colours towards the end. The laundry bag-printed reversible coats, the very chic silhouettes and layering that had just made me in awe after watching the whole show via livestream. I had the plaid, interwoven Berlingot clutch which I regrettably sold. I am still not over it, even more so now since I’m telling you all about it!!

Phoebe Philo and Céline will always be one for me. Say if she launches her own brand, I would surely go for it! Here are some of my favourite Céline looks and campaigns throughout Phoebe’s reign. Click click click!

Now, get your hands on everything Céline under Phoebe before a new designer enters! Ready, set, go!!!!

P.S. you gotta read this article about her!


Erdem x H&M


First was Balmain, then Kenzo, and the most recent one, Erdem. I have been attending the launch parties for 3 consecutive collaborations already and it’s always a privilege to go to these exclusive VIP parties and to get to shop before everyone else. Mind you, people who go to the VIP night don’t act much of a VIP once they get to the space where the merchandises are. As the fake Tiffany Wilson said “V.I.P., learn your acronyms.” Act accordingly! Lol!

Erdem, by far, is one of the best designer collaborations that H&M had in my opinion. It shows that refined romanticism aesthetic that the brand is known for. Not only that is seen in the collection but this collab is also a first for Erdem’s take in menswear! The menswear isn’t too bad at all. In fact, like the most used phrase that every shopper says once they see a lewk, “It’s so very me!”. Hope Erdem launches it’s menswear line after this! It’s not too far off since Stella McCartney launched hers just recently.

I rarely bought anything from the past collaboration launch parties I’ve been to. I just don’t know why, maybe it’s because I know it’s still H&M no matter how topsy-turvy the world can get. I loved the setting though, it’s a garden on steroids and it’s like being in that short film that Baz Luhrmann made for the collab. It’s utterly an old romantic English countryside vibe on it. Everyone who knows me well know that I love flowers and I’m a sucker for them.

Being at the party and seeing those “fashyown people” clad in nice outfits act like savages or as if they’re in a new season of Hunger Games is good enough to watch lol. Not having to bump onto them just to get something that embodies the term “fast-fashion” and beats the concept of “luxury”, per say, is worth it. Although I managed to get the black Erdem logo hoodie. As to how I decided to get it, my inner Rebecca Bloomwood influenced me. After all, it’s on my list and I have a torso, two arms and I don’t own a hoodie until this. Et voila!

Which piece/s are you eyeing on? I wanna know!

Shop the #ERDEMxHM collection tomorrow, Nov. 2 worldwide!!! (at H&M SM Makati in the Philippines)

Ciao for now!

J.W.Anderson x Uniqlo Haul!!


The long wait is finally over, oh my god!!! I’ve been looking forward to this collaboration ever since it was announced earlier this year and I’m so glad it’s finally dropped. Drop and cop as they say but I wasn’t able to cop all of the pieces like the tartan backpack and the rainbow-esque scarf as the key pieces I wanted to get and some other less major pieces that I didn’t get.

Woke up early this morning, or at least I think an early enough time to make it to the opening. I know not as many people would queue outside the stores as the people back in England or everywhere else do; hell, they even camp outside the night before the launch. And don’t deny it, Manila isn’t a fashion capital so you would assume that not many people know so much about what’s going in the industry.

So, I was confident that I’ll be getting the pieces that I wanted—lo and behold, I didn’t. I had to take the public transportation in here, and knowing that public transportation here in the Philippines is extremely medieval, I didn’t arrive on the dot. In fact, I was just 20 minutes late and the rails already looked like a typhoon lashed out on them. In the end, though, I got everything I wanted, more or less and shot those lewks on the same day (coming on my next blog posts!!!).

Oh, and the quality is very near to the real thing which the brand is also known for. I got a J.W.A. tunic (see one of my blog posts here) and you can feel the same “quality” with the clothes from this collaboration, of course, expect a little less coz this one’s not exactly exclusively and minimally produced like the namesake label. Can’t wait to wear them!!!

This year’s a good year for high street-designer collabs! One down, one more to go! Looking forward for the Erdem x H&M launch in November! Did you also buy anything from this collection? I wanna know about it!

Ciao for now! xx

Walking the Dog


I’m a dog lover. Always have, always will. I also like anything chic and glamorous; this jumper has all of that elements. I think this is by far my least basic designer jumper and my first purchase (and mind you, my first Loewe item!) ever since I got back here in London.

The moment I saw this jumper while browsing through some potential purchases online, I thought I shouldn’t go back to the Philippines without getting this one – so I did. And hey, I thought of all the excuses à la Rebecca Bloomwood, “I don’t have an oversized jumper (let alone one with a dog wearing a beret), I have a torso, arms and hands, London is still slightly chilly in the summer.” et voila! I got my jumper which I like to define as a ‘dog style’ *wink*

Of course, I won’t be able to wear it in a hell of a hot and humid country such as the Philippines but surely I’ll be able to wear it when Lady Luck goes on my side and helps me find a job (or a husband!!!) somewhere in the west! Where else should one shoot their outfits but in their neighbourhood? It just so happened that my neighbourhood has brick-coloured houses which went well with my a little-above-basic lewk. It’s Loewe.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world after all.

Ciao for now! xx

Jumper by Loewe, jeans by J. Brand, loafers from Stubbs & Wootton

Buon compleanno, Miuccia Prada!!!

So happy to be finally back again! I’ve been busy traveling for almost the whole of April and barely stayed in Manila at all. I’m still busy sorting things out for the next couple of months and hoping it all goes well! I promise to put some more content and to make more time for it. Heck, I would even use my iPhone to post something here.

Anyway, it occurred to me that it was Miuccia Prada’s birthday yesterday. Obviously, I found out about it late, a day later only that is, but still, I thought I would still dedicate a blog post for one of my absolute favourite figures and (fashion) saints before it’s all too late! You all will never know when the apocalypse will begin so greet everyone around you before judgement day!!!

Never have I thought that I would be wearing Prada in my entire life! It just feels so good to see something that you’ve just seen on a fashion show and eventually be able to wear it when it hits the racks come the new season! I guess I can tell that it changed my life for the better and changed my bank account’s life for the worse LOL.

Here’s a little retrospect of all of my Prada outfits since my fashion awakening! Happy birthday again, St. Miuccia Prada!!!


Here’s to more Prada outfits!!!

Missed you all. XX

P.S. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts on my recent trips to Guam and Japan!



My ballet career has finally taken off!! Lol, who am I kidding? The moment I saw the last runway collection of Valentino’s then-dynamic duo, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, made me realise that my dreams of becoming (or at least looking like one) a prima ballerina is within reach, or shall I say with just a swipe of my ‘magic card’? Cha-ching!

I’m gonna give myself half a credit for wearing head-to-toe runway looks: a quarter for losing the ‘sense of style’ as you wear them because of solely relying on the look itself and another quarter for being brave in wearing them. Do I look like someone who gives a fuck when I get stares because of what I’m wearing? No. People are gonna stare at you no matter what you’re wearing anyway so might as well just make it worth their damn time!! Lol! I like wearing runway looks on the streets (not hat I wear them all the time) whether it’s fashion week or not coz I dress the same anyway whether it’s fashion week or not.

I like the contrast between the combat boots, the tulle skirt and the cropped jumper. Each piece was quite unusual to wear altogether but still appeared chic overall. I told myself what any person who shops would tell themselves when I bought the cropped jumper: I don’t have a black cropped cashmere jumper and it’s cold. I’m sold! What I told myself when I bought the boots was simple: I have feet that fits in them…another reason for me to be sold! I’m easily convinced when shopping coz I tell myself the silliest, most obvious reasons for me to buy (or not to buy) a certain piece but I mostly end up buying!

Like every Valentino runway show I’ve watched (livestream-ed. But hopefully to get to watch it up close and personal in the future!!!), it always takes me a couple more replays to let the collection sink in to me. Then on one of the final replays I did, the monochromatic lewk from Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo’s last runway (AW2016), caught my attention coz of it’s gender blurring traits! I’m not one who believes that clothes shouldn’t be concealed in one gender category, I believe everyone should wear what they want whether it’s a guy who chooses to wear something eclectic from Miu Miu or some chick who decides to don a borrowed-from-the-boys look and as long as they’re comfortable in it! Think of Jayden Smith being in Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign! I actually got complemented by a posh, old but chic English woman at the bus stop telling me how she loved my outfit! Can. You. Imagine!!! Definitely was the highlight of my day before I fully turn into a real life version of Rebecca Bloomwood, lolz.

Ciao for now!

Everything by Valentino

Photos taken by Muffadal Abbas (@bymabbas)

Shot at Italian Gardens, Kensington Palace Gardens