Budding Bookworm


Never have I finished 3 books in less than a month! I think I’m getting good in reading— and that I’m turning into a voracious reader as Amy Dunne is, lol. I’m not usually like this before, I didn’t even finish the Harry Potter and the Gossip Girl books way back god knows when. But these books with Crazy-ass Rich Asians in it are just so different! Everytime I open the book and start from where I left on feels like I’m immersing myself again to the world of bajillionaires.

First I was cheating on fashion with furnitures and home wares; now I’m cheating on fashion with books. I can’t shop anything “fashown” in here and even if I can, not a single basic Zara or H&M wearing person would appreciate if I flaunt my Pradas and Valentinos at the streets! I mean I even wear my J.W.Anderson Pierce bag in here and nobody even pays attention to it. Whereas in London, everyone would appreciate it. Or maybe I’m just going to the wrong places? Haha, now I’ve turned into some Crazy (not Rich) Asian myself!!!

I’m happy with my life though, unlike in the book, I can choose any man to settle down with and not be arranged to someone from another filthy-rich family with a well-known surname who would be, say, the future heir of a palm oil business or whatever.

It’s crazy to imagine that (although the book is fiction) there are literally people in the world who are “richer than God” and wouldn’t have to work or move a single muscle in their life but would still financially last for another millennium! And the way they live their lives are galaxies away from how regular people like moi live. How I wish I can have shit-tons of money like they do in the book – well, I guess it’s just an illusion but hey a girl can dream!

Now, excuse me while I dream of wearing that Calvin Klein 205W39NYC feather concoction

Ciao for now! xx


My New Essentials


I would never leave my house without wearing any of these ones. I have developed a liking to laid back, understated, luxe things that only those with knowledge would know or recognise. Like my trusty Céline bracelet I’ve had for quite some time now – it literally goes with everything and adds a subtle elegance to any lewk I don. Same goes with this pair of sunglasses from The Row; in a world full of Dior ‘So Real’s and Chloé ‘Carlina’s, I’d like to have something that only a few people have (like everyone else, ironically)!

My skin is not perfect, I still have blemishes here and there but there are now days when my skin would cooperate with me that I’d only need a sunscreen and this concealer from Chanel that blends so well with my skin! As you all know, I love vanilla-based scents; I fell in love with this perfume from Serge Lutens the moment I tried it last year and has always been on top of my perfume rotation ever since I got it last month.

Now I have to make the same decisions in rebuilding a more laid-back, simple but luxe wardrobe like the Olsens! (and lose a 20lbs). This is by far the post that says I don’t need high maintenance at all, do y’all agree?

Ciao for now! xx




Edinburgh, Scotland — Edinburgh has always been one of the many places that I wanted to visit and I couldn’t be more than happy that I have finally visited this place and have ticked it off my list. The reason why I jutted it on my travel list is because of the way I felt after seeing it in the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’, not to mention that the storyline set in that place was a love story of a gay couple (which ended tragically, by the way).

I haven’t been to that many places in the UK, to be honest with you. I only went outside London a couple of times coz I love it so much in there. I mean, London is full of people with different shapes and sizes coming from different walks of life and there’s no other place in the world where I’ve felt more unique as a person than in London. I’ve only been to Bath and Edinburgh which I both absolutely loved! Though, I would’ve loved to travel some more.. I solely do believe that travelling is good for your soul. UK would’ve been perfect if the cold, grey, S.A.D-inducing weather wasn’t such a giveaway. To be fair, I quite naturally adapted with locals in terms of feeling that little shot of excitement whenever the sun appears (or whenever there’s sun in general)! The type of sunshine that’s hot enough for me to be able to ‘tan’ and get some ‘vitamin D’, iykwim, at Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park.

My impression of Edinburgh is that it looks like it’s a bigger version of Bath. The only thing that separates them, in my opinion, are their own gems: Bath’s Roman Baths and Edinburgh’s Scott Monument – mind you, I got obsessed with their uber delish deep fried Mars bars in Edinburgh!!! I can’t get enough of them!!! I only stayed in Edinburgh for a day and a half…same duration when I visited Stockholm (another love of mine!). The weather, however, is no different than in London except the wind is colder! I love the cold weather, don’t get me wrong. Being raised in a tropical country made me crave for colder climates so I can layer clothes and look chic but sometimes the cold can get a bit much.

Tweed is my absolute favourite…the rest can go scratch their backs!! I could wear tweed repeatedly without getting tired and love the way it elevates my mood even if I wear it with essential pieces (don’t wanna say basic..I’m allergic to basic lollz). I decided to wear this Carolina Herrera waistcoat and culottes on my last day in Edinburgh. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as cold as the day we arrived so I seized the day! But I still decided to wear my very old puffer jacket for some precautions and wear it à la Balenciaga…letting it expose a little of my shoulders.

Everyone knows that Chanel is the main purveyor of making the chicest tweed everythings and hopefully, one day, I’ll invest in a proper one. But for now, I’ll stick with this gilet that at least gives tweed the right amount justice. Also, it’s not like Carolina Herrera is bad after all.

Ciao for now! X

Tweed waistcoat and culottes by CH Carolina Herrera

Shot at Edinburgh, Scotland



As much as multi-cultural, diverse and fun London is, as well as the endless things to do in here, the usual or not, living in London makes one develop a love-hate relationship with it because of the same routine that you keep on doing everyday that makes you no different than a robot. I love London. A lot. But it’s nice to get away from there once in a while to unwind and recollect yourself from the environment that London has. Well, maybe it was quite often for me last year because of the many places I’ve been to! I mean, I don’t know anyone who never gets tired of seeing the same ol’ buildings and places on a daily basis, not to mention the few sightings of lush greenery — or at least in Central London where I currently live in which my only idea of a place that offers such ambience is either Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park. And did I mention the massive lack of sunshine??? No wonder why I myself get a bit too excited even just when seeing a ray of it.

And so, I decided to visit Bath…not that there’s any huge difference when it comes to the sunshine. Bath is my second most favourite place in England (just right after my beloved London) and it’s also my second time to visit this heritage town, my first time was around 3 summers ago when there was sunshine and hot weather which instantly made me fall in love with the place because of the cosy, homey vibes it makes you feel. I told myself before that I will definitely be coming back to this place again, and so I did. And if I had to mention (or even live in) a place where I think simple living is the norm, I will choose Bath over anywhere else!

I chose to wear Prada AW16 for this trip, to those of you who don’t know, I love Prada. I’m totally living and raving for anything that has Prada on it, lol. It’s to the point where if I had to choose a fashion brand as a religion, I would certainly choose this one. This lewk is long overdue to be taken photos of since I only wore it once during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. I’m totally obsessed with their ‘Cahier bag‘ that resembles a book (hence the name), in fact, I got it when it first came out and when Prada was testing the waters about the see-now-buy-now model. I’m glad I bought it when it first came out since the ones that followed had the gold Prada plaque at the front, on top of the flap which I found a rather tacky design. My shirt is also something that I preordered and which was a brainchild of Prada and Christophe Chemin’s (genius!!!) collaboration for the season.

I just needed to get away from London even just for a day and didn’t think twice of going to Bath the moment I thought about it. Going here again despite the fewer things you can do (Roman Baths, Jane Austen museum, Parade Park, etc.) compared to the ones in London is the price that I paid for experiencing the relaxed atmosphere that London for me, right now, doesn’t have.

I love Bath and will always do.

Ciao for now! x

Bag, shirt, trousers all by Prada (get the bag here)

Loafers from Stubbs & Wootton