Met Gala 2018

And the Superbowl of fashion has happened! It’s been over a day since this year’s MET Gala and I’m still not over from the outfits I saw that made me say “yay” and “nay”. The theme was “Heavenly Bodies and the Catholic Imagination”. This year’s by far my favourite one as I got watch it live and enjoy the opulence I’ve seen in celebs’s looks. The past MET galas have been “meh” for me. It lacked glamour and luxury, two things I’m in desperate need of in my life right now!

It’s a Versace kind of night – everyone seems to be wearing Versace. It’s a Ver-sayce. No, it’s Versace. But before I start roasting my saints and sinners aka my best dressed list who went with the theme and my worst dressed, let me just say that even if I’m a Catholic, I’d still say that the world is so much better without religion. And as once a church-goer myself, I’d say that the worst and most terrible people can be found at the church. Am I right or amarayt? Also, I thought that only a few stood out to send a message about the issues that the Church is in quarrel with like oppression on women, the LGBTQ+, anti-abortion campaigns and divorce, child abuse and a lot more; rather than just blatantly showing the “Catholic is cool” message.

Enough with the political side of things, let’s get going with the glamour! I am someone that in loves with glamour and luxury and is not one bit afraid of it.



Janelle Monáe in Marc Jacobs – I always love myself a black and white lewk with a literal hint of sparkle on it! Bonus points for dressing like you’re going to a mass at St. Paul’s!


Ariana Grande in Vera Wang – despite fashion being considered as a form of art, it takes dressing on another level when you literally wear an art.. by Michelangelo no less. Not bad for her first Met Gala!


Anne Hathaway in Valentino Haute Couture – Anne Hathaway. Valentino. Red. All of my favourite things in one. An instant spot in my best-dressed list!!!


Bee Shaffer in Valentino – honestly does she ever dress badly? I never would have thought that she’d dress very well despite saying that she’s not interested in fashion on ‘The September Issue’. I haveer seen her in a tragic lewk in her red carpets. Brava!


Zendaya in Versace – This is what Joan of Arc would look like if she was invited to the Met Gala. Except she’d be more butch! Zendaya is just divine.


Rihanna in Margiela – what’s the Met Gala without her? I mean!!! This Pope outfit is just jaw dropping. Living for this lewk!



I don’t know who she is and whoever she’s wearing. The cut-outs aren’t just working for me. I’m rather getting space vibes. Meh.


Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton – I dunno about you but I think this would work better on a theme that shows the Navies of the world with. Not going with the theme at all.


Kris Jenner – I don’t know who she’s wearing. While I love myself a momager who’d tell me that I’m doing amazing while shooting for a sexy magazine, this just made her gain an extra 50 lbs. I wonder how many muppets died for the skirt part though.


Emilia Clarke in (what I believe is Dolce Alta Moda) – one word. Basic. Next!!


Shailene Woodley in Ralph Lauren – ever bought something online that’s actually a totally different shit when it arrives? This is that. Imagine buying Zendaya’s outfit and it arrives like this. The horror! Cute ruffles though, darling.

Special Mentions


I don’t know who she is and what she does but props for wearing this LGBTQ+ outfit as a “fuck you!” to the very religious bigots who think what they’re doing is an act of kindness!!!


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – my fashion icons! In theme or not, they’d always be in my best-dressed list. They can wear whatever they want because they’re richer than you!!


Alexander Skarsgård – my Swedish husband can even wear clothes made of potato sack and I’d still sit on his face and ride him til sunrise! Sex on a stick, I tell ya!


SJP in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda – I couldn’t help but wonder why there’s an actual altar on her head. I love SJP (but not D&G)!


Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute Couture – how can I forget about the high priestess of fashion?!

There you have it! Ciao kids xx

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What’s In My Bag what?


Okay, this is rather more of a “What’s Not In My Bag?” blog post coz I tend to carry everything I ‘need’ when I go outside while temporarily staying in this country. I’ve become a person who brings everything instead of bringing just my phone, keys, cards and a bit of change just as I was in London and Berlin. Mind you, I’ll become like this again once I move back to Europe lol. While I have a humble selection of bags I can put on rotation, I still believe that carrying no bag and just wearing a “fuck you” coat or jacket where you can put your essentiels in is chic!

Here are the bits and bobs I bring with me in this borrowed Chanel classic chevron bag from mother:

1. iPhone – who can live without a cellphone these days, honestly?
2. Dior Bronze sunscreen – staying at a place where the sun always shows makes it imperative for one to use sunscreen.
3. Shiseido oil blotter – too much humidity can make my face more oily, and having a greasy face isn’t quite attractive.
4. Clé de Peau concealer – I only need to wear concealer when I go out since my skin has somehow cleared up and wearing a foundation in a humid weather will just wear off very quickly. This is the best one!!
5. Prada sunglasses – one needs to protect that eye area to not let it age too quickly because of the sun.
6. A pen – you’ll never know when you need to stab someone with it, or when you need to write on something.
7. Loewe 001 perfume – love.
8. Candy – I’m the sort of person who needs to be munching on something when bored.
9. Balenciaga card holder – my every trusty belonging that I’ve had for ages now and is still in love with it. Hashtag true love.
10. A photo strip of me and my boyfriend – just so I can carry ‘him’ everywhere I go.

Can’t believe I’ve managed to fit everything in this bag without it looking overpacked! I’ll be updating it when I start to carry different things in another bag. Are you an all or nothing person? What do you carry in your bag?

Ciao! x

Top 10 looks for Autumn/Winter 2018

Another fashion month has gone. A week ago to be exact, and we all have been given now been given a headstart to list all the things we want that will burn our rent checks come July. The fashion world has become topsy-turvy with the many designers doing their fashion version of a merry-go-round; with Christopher Bailey leaving Burberry after a very long time who will be replaced by Ricardo Tisci, Phoebe Philo (my queen) leaving Céline, Carolina Herrera leaving her namesake brand.. which is quite sad. Though I gotta give it to her by throwing shade by saying she’s tired of people who like ugly fashion. I agree with her, I mean, where’s the glamour and real fashion all these years?

Now, y’all know that I love glamour and am not afraid of it. I don’t shy away from it and loves the attention I get from everyone who would look at me as if I’m a preening peacock at Kyoto Gardens. I’m kinda like a basic bitch at heart too, well, basic luxe bitch that is. I like the idea of investing in timeless clothing—nevermind the price, an expensive one comes a long way for sure. I’d rather buy something expensive that has a great quality than buy something cheap that you can dispose of the next day!

The looks I have picked are from the shows I’ve loved this season, beginning with NYFW and ending with PFW, here it goes:

New York Fashion Week:

1. Carolina Herrera


What other look to pick from her last show in her own brand but her signature white shirt paired with a voluminous floor-length skirt? I’ve always looked at this combo as a very sophisticated and timeless one with coz of the easy elegance it brings. Not to mention that teal belt that reminded me of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada. “They’re so different.”

2. Jason Wu


I just like this look, it kinda gives me the impression that it’s something that a chic woman who’s not afraid to wear colour would wear. Plus, one could always use some colour on a grey, damp, cold season.

3. The Row


This is what I’m trying to aim for! A basic luxe bitch who doesn’t care about the bling blings and ostentatious situations on others’ outfits. It may be so simple to the naked eye but the longer you look at it, the cosier it gets.

London Fashion Week

1. J.W.Anderson


Another stylish number that I think imbues the London attitude. The dress works with the rest, but I must say it alone could go a looong way. JWA’s shows are always astounding! Love his work.

2. Erdem


Erdem is always successful in delivering romatic looks every season. There’s something fairytale-like with the stories that his muse for each season as told by the clothes. It’s something that I always think that’s visually pleasing, too.

Milan Fashion Week

1. No. 21


“Milan, darling, Milan.”  As Edna Mode would say it. Milan, for me, is where the hot and sexy attitude-looking clothes and over the top eclecticism can be found. They always mix and match fabric and prints together but it always works! Alessandro del’ Acqua’s No.21 is a show that I always anticipate during MFW because of the unexpected combination of fabrics and prints. Like this tweed lewk with leopard-print shoulder pads.

2. Gucci


Talk about clashing lewks together and still make it werk. Alessandro Michele is doing a fantastic job, no doubt. Gucci is just as rich as Italian art where he mostly gets his inspiration from. Also, this look can be used for this year’s Met Gala, I mean just look at that papal sash. Need I say more?

Paris Fashion Week

1. Sacai


Chitose Abe is one of those designers who would design clothes that have refreshing energy to it. There seems to be a lot of things going on in this look like that military-bomber hybrid coat which just works well for me. I’ve been to their flagship store in Tokyo and it was just heaven.

2. Valentino


I really love how Valentino is evolving under Pierpaolo. He is doing a great job without Maria Grazia, no offense. This all Valentino red situation with some scallop edges is what I always think of everytime I hear Valentino. Polished with a bit of nonchalance.

3. Loewe


This for me was the most luxurious show of the season! Everything was just so good! Jonathan Anderson clearly knows what luxury is. You all know that I’m a winter person, I love the cold and I like the idea of pores being tight and closed during the cold. Plus I love a fuck-you coat for me to be wearing all day while staying warm, fluffy, and cosy in the cold.

What are your favourite looks/shows this season? I wanna know!

ciao darlings xx

The Shape of Water


Can I just say how beautifully crafted this film is? I immediately told my boyfriend to watch it right after seeing it in here (which he did and eventually liked it too, thank god lol).

Initially, I was rooting for “Call Me By Your Name” to win Best Picture until I saw this film and realised and understood why it won the award. Sure, I had my doubts about this movie in the beginning since I was rooting for a different one but thanks to the combo of boredom and curiosity, I decided to watch this film and had no regrets coz I absolutely loved it! I thought of it as a fairy tale for adults.

Not only does it have a beautiful story with a happy ending but it also addresses current political issues in today’s time without exactly pointing at somebody. With the many political stances in the film, what struck me the most is the idea that you are free to love whoever you want and that love will always win and conquer the end. Bravo!!!

If y’all haven’t seen it yet then I suggest you pick up your arse and head to the nearest cinema near you!

6/3/18, 20:48

This is just a random thought that I might as well just tweet but I’ll post it in here anyway.

So I was watching The Apprentice awhile ago and suddenly remembered this cute gay guy they had as a contestant a couple of seasons ago. I was literally looking at his Instagram page frequently and found him so attractive! Until one day—I was working and he randomly appeared where I was working! I thought “Is he who I think he is?!” then figured that it really was him. He looked so good! But there’s just one thing, don’t let him walk. His walk was bad. And I mean really bad. Imagine a chav walking with a full-on Burberry check outfit with trousers ridiculously low. Imagine the way someone walks where they look like they have shit stuck in between their hole. Oh my god. Huge turn off! Not gonna name him but y’all can take guesses on who I’m talking about.

He’s still hot though, as long as he doesn’t walk. Also, I guess it just shows that social media isn’t real life! A person isn’t who they really are in person than who they portray to be online. And you won’t really know if they’re the sort of person who posts photos of themselves in first class flights but then claps when the plane lands. You’ll never really know! 😆

The case of the Chanel bag


Okay so y’all know how much of a budding Chanel hoe I am, I have some of their shoes to their skincare. I don’t have anything from their pret-a-porter since I’m too fat for their sizing, I tried on a FR44 Tweed jacket last year from their Metiers D’Art collection and it was still too tight on me (I’m usually a FR40), and their bags.

Now I promised to myself that I’m not gonna buy a large Chanel 2.55 caviar flap bag or any of their classically overpriced bags until I can buy them with my own money. I like the feeling of buying something luxurious with the money that I know I worked hard for – although I’m probably gonna be buying it at a very high price when I get the chance to buy it… higher than how much it is now since their bags’ prices always go up every year, not to mention their bags’ current prices are ridiculously high enough already! It’s gonna be worth it nevertheless. The story and journey to how I’ll get it will be worth it too – rather than getting it in just a snap of a finger (or more like swiping my mum’s plastic card that is lol) which won’t make me value the bag as much.

So y’all have probably have figured it out. This ain’t my bag! It’s my mum’s – well it was almost mine if I just said so. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was just in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago and my mum usually never leaves the place empty-handed without buying something fancy whenever we get to another country just so we can get to pound the tax-free shopping!! In fact, she asked me if I wanted a Chanel bag to which I said no. Proud of myself for rejecting that strong moment of temptation and for sticking to what I believe in!! Do you think I did the right thing?

I’d say dream about something, in this case, my dream Chanel bag (mind you, I’m not that shallow, I still have plenty of dreams to make them a reality!), then have faith in it coz nobody else will hand it to you. It’s all in your hands to reach for that dream.. no obstacle will be too difficult and no mountain will be too high for you if you really want that dream. Then, grab it very tight, never let it go and make it come true!!!

Hang in there baby.

Ciao for now kids xx

If God Made You

Before I discovered Blair Waldorf & Serena Van der Woodsen, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, there was Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby! They’re the OG girl clique! I remember the first time I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on HBO after having an unexpected afternoon nap on a hot summer day not knowing what the movie’s about. They’re so relatable that I instantly wanted to be a part of their group! I was a young gay boy back then who’s dream is to find someone who would love me and treat me like royalty (and everything that comes with it like to have a happy family with).

I was watching it earlier to feel again how I felt the first time I’ve seen it. It’s still the same, with all the good vibes I get from this movie. It’s not about how young you look, it’s about how young you feel…at least in this context! I mean there’s a couple of movies that we consider to be our “go-to” movies when we need a little pick-me-up or when we’re in need of a positivity infusion. While watching it, I came across this song again that I didn’t remember I still knew! It’s a love song — I’m a love song junkie. Make me listen to a slow, romantic song and I’m sold. Anyway, the song played in the movie at Lena and Kostas’ dates in Santorini which made it even more romantic.

I loved the movie’s soundtrack in general but this one’s defo in my top 3 in that list. Listening to this song alone back then made me feel in love despite not being in a relationship, but now, listening to it again after a long time is even better for obvious reasons.

This song’s for you Patrick, I love you.


You know you’re getting older when you get excited by shopping for ingredients of something you’ve planned to make. So today, I’ve slaved most of the day in the kitchen and decided to make the Japanese Rare Cheesecake! I didn’t know there’s such thing until I saw it while watching anime a couple weeks ago. So I got curious and Googled et voila!

Whipping things up in the kitches has been my way to decompress and detach myself from thinking too much these days (I, myself, had a bad week last week) since I don’t enjoy shopping in here as much as I do in London, Berlin, or in Hong Kong.

I also like the idea of making these things now and make it again in the near future for my future family – I can’t wait for them to have a taste of my cooking and baking skills! Do y’all think I’d make a good husband/dad? 😉

Now excuse me while I devour on this cheesecake and be in bliss before the people in this house finishes it!

P.S. it ain’t perfect because of the lumps – I know what to remove from the ingredients the next time I make it. xx


One important thing I’ve learned is selfishness. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been selfless all this time by giving everything I can to those in need and to those ones that I wanna give to, that I forget to look after myself — and I think it’s just fair if I keep some things for myself and put myself first every once in a while. Ask my closest friends, I’m always there whenever they need someone to tell their problems to and I sometimes lend them a hand to help them solve it and go to the extent.

I’ve also learned not share everything with anyone i.e. venting to someone that turns out to be a snake, sharing knowledge to them that they can be held against you, and a lot more. It’s a tough world we live in, sadly. But I think when it comes to those ones whom we care and love for, being selfless is a given.

In other aspects though, it’s fair enough if you don’t “share” what’s rightfully yours with anyone. And with that being said, I can say that I don’t like sharing.

Tunic and bag by J.W.Anderson
Shorts by Uniqlo
Shoes by Chanel

It ain’t just skin deep


You can obviously tell that I’m in love based from on previous posts. Yes – I am in love… and very happy and very inspired that I can relate everything to the matters of love.

Today I’m gonna be talking about skincare, the one category I’m cheating on fashion with. I’d like to think of skincare as dating, you’d have to try lots and lots of products until you end up with the right formula that would suit your skin type. All of us have different skin types and have different skin concerns and needs, I for example, have oily skin and have tried tons of products from luxury brands to brands that you can find in drug stores and supermarkets. Obviously I’ve stayed loyal to those ones that worked (I still use them) and have ditched the ones that didn’t do the job at all and are all just about the hype and the packaging. And above all, the rule for having good skin is that it requires a lot of work and discipline on an every day basis. So far I can tell that my skin is quite good coz I’ve found the right ones…according to my friends, it’s blooming.

Same goes for dating, everyone is unique and not everyone is the same person. We all come from different types of upbringing, we also come from different walks of life, different family backgrounds, you name it. But when it comes to love, it’s all about finding the right person who has the same goals and dreams in life, and most importantly someone who has the same perspective in life and love as you do. I mean like skin, no relationship is perfect, it will be all smooth sailing and fun & games so you’d have to work with your other half to make each other grow deeper (pun intended lol) in your relationship and learn to be resilient at times of difficulty. I mean no relationship has no conflict or disagreement, it would always happen and it’s normal, so it’s all about learning how to dance with your partner in a storm. It takes two to tango after all. Think of it this way, you’re not going to be able to test a ship based on what you see on the dock but how it is when you see it sailing and when it faces storm.

With skincare, you’d be investing a lot of time, effort and sometimes money to achieve the skin that you’re aiming for. I, for example, is the type of person who can spend the whole day in bed, so can you imagine how hard it is for me to get up in the morning knowing that I’d have to do my almost half-hour routine? And having to do it again after a long day after work before going to bed? It’s a workout! One thing’s for sure though. It was all worth it.

Not sure if I’ve told you guys about this and I’m just going to say it anyway again. I have dated a lot of guys, some of them are handsome but are only looking for hookups, some of them are great but aren’t great enough to be in a long distance relationship (that was bound to happen anyway), and some aren’t just the right fit. Until Patrick came along, no one else in this world, not even my family or friends can handle me the same way he can, especially when I’m having anxiety/panic attacks and times where I’m “too clingy and too needy”. I am not too much for him as far as I can tell; besides, I believe that there isn’t anyone that you’re too much for, there are only people who have no effort. He’s always there for me when I need him the same way I am there when he needs me. He always makes me feel loved, understood, and appreciated. I’ve found the one, y’all!!!

I love you fluffy